Monday, June 29, 2009

Turkish Delight

Ever since I first spotted a myriad of them at the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, I've wanted a Turkish kilim handbag. Unfortunately, what prevented me from buying one then still holds me back now: they're usually pricey. I'm trying to find a used/vintage one for under $100. I recently stumbled upon one at Narnia, but having just come from a sample sale where I squandered my money away, I had to pass it up. Come on, ebay, live up to your infamy!

Wedding Bells

Killer photos from the wedding of blogger Ginny Branch. Found here and here.

Saturday, June 27, 2009


Jess and I did double duty today, worked on our it's-finally-actually-summertime tans and sold some dresses. We each made some great sales! We also ate tacos and dripping ice cream, and bumped into lovely, old friends. We got a lot of interest from passersby and are now contemplating what our next move will be. We're hoping to amass some more items and get a nice booth together at the flea soon. Or maybe we'll try Bedford Ave again, after it treated us so well.

Last night's dinner was also a massive success! Clayton and Tim generously brought over four bottles of wine: a sparkling rose, a white, an Oregon Pinot Noir, and a Cabernet, plus 3 humongous Crumbs cupcakes that we devoured.

We started off the night with Billy's special, which hit a home run with the crowd: mint juleps in bell jars with home made caramelized simple syrup. We started with old-fashioned devils on horseback and sliced radishes sprinkled with Maldon sea salt.

Then we had pan-seared scallops on top of a minted pea puree, topped with a splash of cilantro gremolata.

This dish was inspired by something I see at work all the time. The recipe I concocted was an adaptation that combined elements from this and this. It was my first time cooking scallops and I was very proud of how well they turned out.

Then, after a nice long smoking break, we had grilled pork chops served on top of peach sauce, with grilled peaches and a spicy peach relish, alongside heirloom beans with epazote and a small mixed green salad made with my CSA red leaf and romaine lettuces, and my Aerogarden greens.

The pork chop dish was courtesy of 86 Recipes: New York, a gift box I bought myself at the USQ Holiday market a few years back.

After another immense break, we finished it off with quartered pieces of Crumbs cupcakes: Oreo Chocolate Chip, Red Velvet, and (my favorite) Chocolate Pecan.

Success around the clock!

cork wedges

Every once in awhile, I get very pointed purchasing desires. Lately, I've been eagerly searching for the right pair of cork platform or wedge sandals. I've been eyeing these at bird for some time now, but I'm not 100% on them yet. I really want a cork heel with brown or natural colored leather straps. Any ideas?

Friday, June 26, 2009

Williamsburg Weekend

Epic garden photo via julystars.

After a long week of tedious catering jobs, early mornings, and inconsistent weather, I am finally ready for what is to be a beautiful and action-packed weekend.

I'm kicking it off tonight with long-awaited dinner plans, for which I am about to prepare a feast in my kitchen, but more on that later, of course.

In other news, the society pages are ringing with my name today, as I prepare for a weekend full of activities. As you can see on Jess's blog, the two of us will be selling an assortment of vintage goods somewhere on Bedford Ave in Williamsburg tomorrow (Saturday) from about 10am to 2pm. We'll either be by Metropolitan or somewhere along Williamsburg Walks if we're allowed to. Jess has beautiful taste and I have rad 90s dresses. Come stop by! And, as you can see on Jen's blog, she and Faryn will be debuting their supreme line of sweet treats at this weekend's Williamsburg Flea. I will definitely be there, hopefully joining them with a gallon of fresh watermelon juice or rosemary-infused lemonade to sell to passersby.

I'll provide any updates on location or times if need be. Otherwise, meet me in Williamsburg this weekend!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Garden Crazy

I want to stuff you with cheese and deep-fry you so badly.

On the rainiest day last week, Frank, my boyfriend's father, generously brought me three pickle buckets planted with tomatoes and zucchini that he put together with his own homemade compost. He also gave me a little basil plant. Now I have a Brooklyn-style garden blooming on my fire escape. A few days ago, I noticed the arrival of my first zucchini blossom and yesterday I took a look only to find a buttload of these delicious looking flowers.

In other gardening news, check out my beautiful CSA veggies that have been keeping perfectly in bell jars in my fridge:

From left to right, that's mint, rosemary, cilantro, parsley, and epazote.

For breakfast this morning, I made a lovely scramble with sauteed spinach, spring onion, fennel seeds, parmesan, and sausage. Would post pictures, but they suck.

Lastly, this article in this week's New York about a rooftop garden in Greenpoint got me really pumped up.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

An Addendum

If not windows that open to the sea, then this will do:

Good job, dwell.

A Northern Haven

I want to build myself a house like this, with windows that open out to the sea.

All images via dwell

This gives me even more reason to want to go to Maine. I've been wanting to try their lobster for awhile now! Today I purchased the Rough Guide: New England, in hopes of organizing a quick coastal getaway in the upcoming weeks.


sari posted a link to this in response to my post of the choir singing bjork's joga. i love this so much that i just had to share it with the world!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

sugar snap peas & radishes

Excuse the photo! It looked so much better on my phone.

After arriving home from a double day of work, I needed to make something quick and small to eat. Having glanced at this recipe earlier, I made my own delicious little variation. It was so good, I was literally spooning the remaining sauce off the plate and into my mouth.

I heated up a bit of olive oil and butter in a pan over medium heat. I added one sliced shallot, half a garlic clove minced, a few slices of spring onion greens, and browned them. Then I added one sliced radish and a handful or two of sugar snap peas (with the string removed.) I let this cook together, then added a bit more than a splash of clementine juice, which I found at Marlow & Daughters on my way home. It was absolutely delicious and my apartment still smells fantastic. I am very proud of myself. This one's a keeper.

Lost Coastlines

Photo via julystars

This song has been keeping me happy lately.

Okkervil River - Lost Coastlines

Monday, June 22, 2009

CSA today!

Please excuse my blurry photos. I was shaking with happiness while taking them on my phone!

Today was my first CSA pick-up! I was riddled with excitement when I received my share, after a long weekend (and a few months) of looking forward to this day. This is a list of what I received:

1 head red lettuce
1 head romaine lettuce
2 white spring onions
1 spring garlic
1 leek
1 bunch red radishes
1 bunch spinach
1 bunch parsley
1 bunch cilantro
1 bunch epazote (a spicy green typically used in mexican soups)
1 bunch rosemary
1 pound sugar snap peas
1 bunch mint

So far, I've made myself a dinner salad of romaine lettuce, sliced radish, sliced spring baby onion, sea salt, and a bit of buttermilk ranch dressing. I'm currently researching the proper way to store all of my veggies and figuring out what I'm going to do with them this week! I'm most curious about the epazote, which I've never cooked with before. I've already written down three recipes to try out. I'm also thinking about a rosemary-infused lemonade...

Did I mention that I also got a dozen fresh farm eggs? Woo hoo!!

Dallas BBQ

My first time at the Chelsea Dallas BBQ. A night to remember.

Read all about it (and watch a video) here. Thanks, butt.

Read My Mind

Oh, New York Times, you read my mind.

The Last-Minute Guide to Summer Camping

Sunday, June 21, 2009


Students of PS22 sing Bjork's "Joga". Musicality is inherent in humans, I think. I really like the kids with the serious eyebrows who starts coming in on the left of the frame around :32.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

I'm the man.

After a brief respite, I'm back into Atlas Shrugged and I'm knee-deep! This passage got me pumped up today:

Cherryl waited, until she saw Dagny standing alone, then tore forward, cutting resolutely across the room. She looked at close range into the gun-metal eyes that seemed cold and intense at once, the eyes that looked at her directly with a polite, impersonal curiosity.

"There's something I want you to know," said Cherryl, her voice taut and harsh, "so that there won't be any pretending about it. I'm not going to put on the sweet relative act. I know what you've done to Jim and how you've made him miserable all his life. I'm going to protect him against you. I'll put you in your place. I'm Mrs. Taggart. I'm the woman in this family now."

"That's quite all right," said Dagny. "I'm the man."

Happy Place

On my way to read and caffeine-ate at my newest, favorite-ist local cafe, bridget, I stumbled upon what appeared to be a sample sale in an adjacent storefront. Upon entering, I found out that it was a "pop-up design collective cum post-modern yard sale."

Hmm. Well, it's a sale being held in an unfinished space, adjacent to bridget (and also curated by one of the owners of the cafe) on the ground floor of an apartment building overlooking the Williamsburg bridge. I found clothing and jewelry created by a variety of independent designers and artists, including Electric Feathers--I bought a dress by the label a few months ago for a wedding.

I purchased a beautiful set of lady-like undergarments from a label called Unforseen Circumstances. A lovely blue bib tank with matching high waisted briefs. The designer said that in the fall the line will be carried by neighborhood shops jumelle and bird. I'll post photos soon!

You can also play ping pong, or enjoy a rainy day summer lemonade.

A Happy Place
@ 26 Broadway - Brooklyn
thru June 21st 12-6

Friday, June 19, 2009


from saipua this morning.

i've decided delphinium(s)(?) are my favorite.


I think I've already confessed here that I'm in the midst of a love affair with all things Moroccan. So, when I saw the following photos on the very inspiring July Star, my heart leaped.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

swedish vacation

Just stumbled upon these photos taken by a Swedish friend of mine. Looks like he and his girlfriend went on a sweetheart vacation.

I want one.

a bout de souffle


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Reasons to Love New York: #566157

I just realized that if you live in Brooklyn, you're in Kings County, and if you're live in Queens, you're in Queens county. Kings and Queens. New York!--you're so lyrical.

Look back on other reasons.

Things to Do Before I Die: 4

Fry an egg on the sidewalk. In Brooklyn.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


The picture above is of the man who owns and runs my favorite cafe in New York City. I was lucky enough to live a block away from this place for nearly a year, when it opened down the block from me as a tiny, standing room only coffee shop on 7th just west of 1st avenue. It's called Abraço. In addition to the most delicious coffee and, my personal favorite, almond cappuccinos, they have the most unique breakfast/sweet treats. I partook in their spanish onion frittata for breakfast for a long stretch of time once. I occasionally switched over to the pain perdu--french toast filled with fresh and sweet ricotta cheese. Their cured olive cookies and lavender-scented shortbread--also great. Not to mention the inventive, market-fresh lunches they prepare daily. Aside from their product, which I cherish greatly and miss dearly since moving to the other side of the river, I have to say that Jamie and his staff are awesome people. Very welcoming, down-to-earth, and energetic. And, it's true what they say, he's always spinning some sweet Brazilian jazz or whatnot on the store's record player.

Wow, I am just raving about this place. So, what's the occasion? I've just found out the best news... Very soon there will be an Abraco roastery just a bike ride away from me.

Monday, June 15, 2009


Majorly excited about this: Explosions in the Sky, Summer Stage, June 30th.

Listen: Your Hand in Mind

Tee Hee

I think I like toilet humor. The other day, I was in a horrible mood walking around the subway with a frown, and I saw some schmuck walk by me wearing a shirt that read "Who Farted?" and I laughed.