Monday, June 8, 2009

in dreams begin responsibilities

pictures from this past weekend's Travel section that had me sighing--taken on the Tuscan coast

Today, while surreptitiously reading The New Yorker at work, I stumbled upon a phrase that struck such a momentous chord in me that I stopped to write it down as a reminder for myself in my journal: in dreams begin responsibilities.

Some of you may remember this as the title to the final episode of My So-Called Life. My most distinct recollection of this beautiful phrase goes back to junior year of high school, AP American Literature. My awesome teacher, Dr. Ayres, had us read In Dreams Begin Responsibilities, a short story by the Brooklyn writer Delmore Schwartz--his most famous work.

I've just re-read it here and I highly recommend it. It's only 9 pages and it's a fascinating, strong story about a young man who dreams that he is at a movie theater, plagued with hindsight while watching a film depicting his parents' courtship. Meanwhile, I'm going to keep pondering this combination of words (I love it!): in dreams begin responsibilities...

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