Friday, June 26, 2009

Williamsburg Weekend

Epic garden photo via julystars.

After a long week of tedious catering jobs, early mornings, and inconsistent weather, I am finally ready for what is to be a beautiful and action-packed weekend.

I'm kicking it off tonight with long-awaited dinner plans, for which I am about to prepare a feast in my kitchen, but more on that later, of course.

In other news, the society pages are ringing with my name today, as I prepare for a weekend full of activities. As you can see on Jess's blog, the two of us will be selling an assortment of vintage goods somewhere on Bedford Ave in Williamsburg tomorrow (Saturday) from about 10am to 2pm. We'll either be by Metropolitan or somewhere along Williamsburg Walks if we're allowed to. Jess has beautiful taste and I have rad 90s dresses. Come stop by! And, as you can see on Jen's blog, she and Faryn will be debuting their supreme line of sweet treats at this weekend's Williamsburg Flea. I will definitely be there, hopefully joining them with a gallon of fresh watermelon juice or rosemary-infused lemonade to sell to passersby.

I'll provide any updates on location or times if need be. Otherwise, meet me in Williamsburg this weekend!

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