Monday, June 1, 2009

Still Stranded

Still stranded without a computer. Hopefully that will change soon.

Since I'm under the duress of a ticking clock at the Internet Garage, here's a briefing of what's been on my mind of late:
+these two bits on Jewish humor in New York Magazine, an example:
A couple is in a supermarket. She has a problem, though—she steals. She's a kleptomaniac. She steals a can of fruit.
She's taken before the magistrate. The magistrate says, "Sarah, how could you do something like that? What did you take?"
She says, "Well, I just took one can of peaches."
"Peaches you took! How many peaches?"
"There were six peaches in the can."
He says, "Sarah, you are going to jail for six nights. That's it, it's final!"
She says, "Oh, my God!"
Her husband stands up and says, "Your honor! She also stole a can of peas."
+yesterday's lovely Sunday brunch I hosted at my apartment, mainly because of this main course
+the lovely neighborhood bike ride I took with my boyfriend this morning
+an acting workshop I attended this evening that made be think about this
+this movie (much, much more on this later)
+this NYTimes Magazine article on Bill Clinton
+this NYTimes Magazine article on Conan's new show

and so I'm segue-ing into good-bye, because Conan starts in 29, wait 28 minutes and I have to run home in heels!

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