Saturday, June 27, 2009


Jess and I did double duty today, worked on our it's-finally-actually-summertime tans and sold some dresses. We each made some great sales! We also ate tacos and dripping ice cream, and bumped into lovely, old friends. We got a lot of interest from passersby and are now contemplating what our next move will be. We're hoping to amass some more items and get a nice booth together at the flea soon. Or maybe we'll try Bedford Ave again, after it treated us so well.

Last night's dinner was also a massive success! Clayton and Tim generously brought over four bottles of wine: a sparkling rose, a white, an Oregon Pinot Noir, and a Cabernet, plus 3 humongous Crumbs cupcakes that we devoured.

We started off the night with Billy's special, which hit a home run with the crowd: mint juleps in bell jars with home made caramelized simple syrup. We started with old-fashioned devils on horseback and sliced radishes sprinkled with Maldon sea salt.

Then we had pan-seared scallops on top of a minted pea puree, topped with a splash of cilantro gremolata.

This dish was inspired by something I see at work all the time. The recipe I concocted was an adaptation that combined elements from this and this. It was my first time cooking scallops and I was very proud of how well they turned out.

Then, after a nice long smoking break, we had grilled pork chops served on top of peach sauce, with grilled peaches and a spicy peach relish, alongside heirloom beans with epazote and a small mixed green salad made with my CSA red leaf and romaine lettuces, and my Aerogarden greens.

The pork chop dish was courtesy of 86 Recipes: New York, a gift box I bought myself at the USQ Holiday market a few years back.

After another immense break, we finished it off with quartered pieces of Crumbs cupcakes: Oreo Chocolate Chip, Red Velvet, and (my favorite) Chocolate Pecan.

Success around the clock!

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Aya Smith said...

Everything here looks so delicious!!!