Tuesday, June 23, 2009

sugar snap peas & radishes

Excuse the photo! It looked so much better on my phone.

After arriving home from a double day of work, I needed to make something quick and small to eat. Having glanced at this recipe earlier, I made my own delicious little variation. It was so good, I was literally spooning the remaining sauce off the plate and into my mouth.

I heated up a bit of olive oil and butter in a pan over medium heat. I added one sliced shallot, half a garlic clove minced, a few slices of spring onion greens, and browned them. Then I added one sliced radish and a handful or two of sugar snap peas (with the string removed.) I let this cook together, then added a bit more than a splash of clementine juice, which I found at Marlow & Daughters on my way home. It was absolutely delicious and my apartment still smells fantastic. I am very proud of myself. This one's a keeper.

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sarah said...

i loveeee radishes but NEVER thought to cook them! so inspired by your little meal here!