Monday, March 30, 2009


spent my second afternoon hanging out at my new favorite local cafe, bridget with a good friend turned new blogger!

bridget is right around the corner from my apartment, on broadway close to the water. i found out about this lovely spot when lovely jess sent me an email about the new southside csa that caters to my neighborhood and will find a temporary home on monday nights at bridget.

in case you know nothing about CSAs, it stands for community supported agriculture. it's a volunteer-run program in which local farms offer "subscriptions" to members of a community who in turn receive weekly baskets of produce. this method allows individuals to buy what amounts to a share in a farm at the start of a season, providing cash flow to the farmers to purchase seeds and tools, and then reap the benefits of their investment throughout the course of farming season.

in the case of the one i joined (apparently there are others in greenpoint and in east williamsburg), the southside csa offers shares in wine, vegetables, fruit, and eggs. i purchased a half-share in both eggs and vegetables, meaning from mid-jun thru early november i will be picking up a crate full of fresh produce every other week! this also means that i will be volunteering with the southside csa, helping with distribution once (not until september!) and cooking a meal for the greenpoint soup kitchen with leftover produce (in july!)

read more about CSAs and visit bridget.

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