Wednesday, June 3, 2009

i'm back

A former acting teacher of mine used to repetitively drill his mantra into our heads, which was "I'm back." His philosophy was that your mental awareness from moment to moment in daily life has a tendency to drift, and so he believed that by noticing your slip and acknowledging it out loud ("I'm back"), you could bring yourself back into the room and possibly train your mind to retain a steady stream of focus. Really, this manifested itself as a free for all among a group of tired, sweatpants-wearing theater students watching each other perform strange, manipulated, and emotional "pieces" (?) marked by an incessant stream of constantly interrupting "I'm back"s.

Anyway, I was just going to say... "I'm back", because my computer is and thus, in this sphere, I am. But, I don't want to be back like that.

But I am. My internet addiction has been successfully severed for about two weeks now, which includes my LA vacation. Honestly, my detachment felt very good. Using the computer as a functional work-related device as opposed to a medium for pursuing hobbies is very rewarding. I felt more independent and spontaneous without relying on my trusty silver friend to answer every minor query I had. I also found myself able to thoroughly maximize and enjoy my free time, using it to be outdoors or read without the subtle, but entertaining distractions my computer always provides.

However, I am psyched to be back and catching up on my reading. Yesterday I whizzed through the must-read blogs and am up to speed. Tonight, I'm letting myself casually flip through my other online interests. It's like being away for a week and returning to find two issues of your favorite magazine at your disposal. I have so much reading material! So, this internet wins. Maybe this newfound insight will assist me in breaking my traditional internet habits and I'll feel like a winner through and through. Real world time and internet time.

I mean, because the internet rules sometimes. Like today, when I found this photo from the new LOVER collection--the internet ruled then.

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July Stars said...

The latest Lover collection from which this picture was taken is amazing. I fell in love with so many pieces!
Really like your blog by the way!