Sunday, June 14, 2009

High Sunday

Spent my time as perfectly as possibly today. Woke up, leisurely cleaned the apartment, listened to music, hung around, and played cards. Went to a late and lovely brunch at Smith + Mills in Tribeca, which was delicious thanks to the workings of a friend who cooks there on the weekends. Out of all the fancy treats he made us (including a knockout whiskey-soaked french toast for dessert), my favorite was a red beet and goat cheese pesto on Italian peasant bread rubbed with a little bit of garlic. It was the first thing we had and it had me at hello. After, walked north through a yet undiscovered strip of town for me. Stumbled upon a quick-moving queue at the High Line, which we decided to join. What an attraction that place is! The architecture is stunning and it is ripe for public use. The way the gravel and the wooden benches rise above the remaining rails is so seamless and conceptually in sync.

Combined with near-perfect weather and a glowing view over the Hudson river, this is a much welcomed addition to the city's public spaces. I was also loving the wildflowers growing in patches throughout the path.

Some actual photos found on the official High Line website:

First two photos by Barry Munger, third photo by Joel Sternfeld

After getting carried away by this beautiful walk up to 20th street, we made our way over to the West Side Highway to join friends and the rest of the city's Sunday drinkers for birthday beers at the Frying Pan. It was a beautiful, packed, boozy, grimy sort of time. The sunlight was amazing. And we played more cards!

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