Saturday, May 26, 2007

shit from sean lennon's mouth

in the most recent issue of blackbook magazine, sean lennon blessed the world with a list of 10 witty pet peeves. here are some excerpts i enjoyed of things this man hates:

"pre-sliced mushrooms. if you are incapable of slicing mushrooms, then perhaps you should not be cooking."

"advertisements for unpronounceable drugs that do not indicate what the drug is for. they just show an old lady with a dog running through a field in slow motion and then say: 'ask your doctor about zvarzinexx--side effects include anal bleeding and sudden death.'"

"colloquial coffee lingo: tall, grande, and venti. i'll never understand the purpose of this completely illogical measuring system. was there something wrong with small, medium, and large?"

"emoticons, or as i like to call them, punk-tuation. i prefer when people convey their emotions through words and not clusters of misplaced semicolons. i'm not saying i've never done it. i'm just not proud of it.

find the whole article online at blackbook magazine

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