Friday, May 25, 2007

a little bit of "bourg"

once upon a time, i heard about a little thing called restaurant week, which occurs twice a year, i believe, at participating restaurants in new york city. apparently during this special time of year, one can enjoy a prix-fix meal at some of the city's nicest restaurants for even nicer prices. what i've heard is about $20 for a 3-course lunch and $35 for dinner.

admittedly, i am somewhat embarrassed to be writing this post. after all, it openly revels my somewhat ridiculous obsession with food that has only grown even more ridiculous in recent months. while in prague, our travel writing class covered food writing and we read an excerpt from a book entitled "a cook's tour" by hip chef/novelist anthony bourdain, who is currently the chef at new york eatery les halles. enthralled with the excerpt, i borrowed the book from the teacher and basically devoured it. the book chronicled bourdain's trip around to world tasting exotic foods in different cultures. he participated in a pig slaughtering and subsequent feast in portugal, he sucked down like oysters on a fishing boat off the coast of france, and at one point ate the still-beating heart of a cobra while in cambodia (which he claimed kept beating all the way down...) so, after finishing that book, i became even more obsessed with cuisine.

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(chef anthony bourdain)

on a lonely stroll in paris one day, i stopped at shakespeare and company and found an equally lonely copy of another bourdain book, this one called "kitchen confidential" about his experiences in the culinary "underbelly" of new york. i'm just about finished with this one and my taste for food is only becoming more extreme. reading this guy's words about gourmet food is practically making me give up my lifetime seafood ban (there hasn't been much progress--i didn't take a bite of shrimp on two separate occasions, though.)

anyhow, week: a little birdy just told me that its happening in new york from july 10th through the 14th. i haven't been able to find out much information about it online, yet, but lists of participating restaurants should be available soon. reservations are suggested. i can't figure out where i want to go--who knows if i'll even be able to get in anywhere. i'm thinking gramercy tavern... shoutout to "bourgie": are you in?

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