Thursday, May 17, 2007

my favorite thing about hollywood...

its very easy for me to name my favorite things about la, mainly because there are so few of them. yeah, there are the items that pop up on everyone's lists like in'n'out or amoeba records, but there are a few specialties in l.a. that i adore. unfortunately, i cannot give all of my secrets away here, however i will disclose my favorite summertime event in l.a. and that is the saturday night cemetery screenings organized by Cinespia.

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held at the infamous hollywood forever cemetery (where miss marilyn monroe is one of the buried), the evening is an homage to the old drive-ins of the 50s, except instead of parked cars everyone parks their asses on a big, crowded lawn and picnics while an old film is projected up onto a wall. they even have a liquor license, so bottles of wine are present all around. its basically one big party--kinda like a block party, but with movies and in a cemetery, especially since they have djs spinning before and after the screening.

anyway, this weekend inaugurates the summer season and the first film is robert altman's "the player". if you're in or around hollywood, you should check it out. i've seen tons of movies there, from "chinatown" to "the tale of the sierra madre" (i also had one weird date-that-i-didnt-know-was-a-date experience there,) and, regardless, its always been a good time. especially if you bring take-out italian food and steal a bottle of wine from your parents (i mean, i was in high school...)

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