Sunday, May 27, 2007

celebrity sighting

my mom wanted me to take my little brother to the star wars convention in l.a. this morning. instead, i hid under my covers and grumbled that i was busy. and i was busy. i was spending my morning (approximately an hour and a half to two hours) on a little website called

i'm sure you've all heard of it by now. i had heard of it too a few months ago, but couldn't use it since it does not work with safari and since i have recently acquired firefox, i was able to play on it all morning. and that's exactly what i did.

i came up with a bunch of hilarious results telling me things i never knew about the people i was closest to, like that my boyfriend strongly resembles patrick swayze and that my dear latin-american best friend can be easily confused with a number of asian pop stars. however true these fun facts may be, there is one result that i will not get over...

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this is my mother. she is clearly a very beautiful, but very white woman.

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this is beyonce. i take it that you all know her.

according to myheritage, out of all the celebrities in the entire world, my mother most resembles the great beyonce knowles. huh. see, i think that instead of finding your celebrity face match, they find your celebrity soul match. because that way, all this means is that my mother is a strong, independent woman and that she can pay her own bills.

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