Sunday, May 13, 2007

i came in from the east

its 5:44 a.m. in los angeles and i have been awake for two and a half hours. i came in from paris last night after a rough 13 hour flight on airfrance spent drinking champagne and those mini bottles of wine.

its may 13th now. exactly 4 months ago to this day, i arrived in prague for a brief excursion abroad. i spent those days lazily sitting in cafes, riding trains to central european cities, and thinking about home.

on the fifth day of may, i rode into paris from the east with the sun in my eyes. i had exactly one week left of my travels. i roamed the familiar streets without a guidebook for once and spent those walks reacquainting myself with life in a culturally progressive metropolis. while browsing gallery-filled streets and eating cuisine unheard of in the czech republic, i began to bridge the gap that would lead me back to new york.

this blog is kind of a midnight venture, begun in the throes of jet lag in the first hours upon my return and intended to be a space for creative information--a kind of culture shock therapy, if you will.

so, that's what "the fifth day of may" is, other than (of course) a blatant reference to one of my favorite songs.

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