Tuesday, May 22, 2007

do you believe in magic?

so, my mom's friend's daughter is buddies with david blaine and he gave her a copy of an unfinished dvd version of "street magic", and she passed it along to her mother who (of course) passed it along to my mother. last night, the two of us along with my bratty little brother gathered on my mom's amazing tempurpedic bed to watch it.

i've never cared much for magic. especially since i recently watched the prestige (which is great! you should see it), i've come to understand the possibility of simple illusions that can fool even the best of us. however, david blaine is another story.

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his card tricks are one thing, but this levitation stuff really confuses me. have you seen it? it makes no sense! now, i did a little research and every website is quick to reveal blaine's tricks, however i remain amazed at what i saw. like a little kid, i kept asking my mom "how does he do it?!" and "mom! is it real?!" similarly amazed, she just stared straight into the tv and told me that he has supernatural powers.

almost seconds after she said this, the house lights went off and then the tv shut down. the sound from the dvd player remained on for another half a minute or so and then shut off as well. we had no power for the rest of the night. my mom went and pulled out a comically large emergency flashlight, as well as two smaller ones, and my brother ran around the house scared shitless, asking if monsters exist and refusing to admit his fear. he ended up sleeping in my mom's bed that night not because he was scared, of course not, but because he had to protect her.

about half an hour after the initial power outage, we regathered on the tempurpedic, with several candles and flashlights to accompany us, and i called the department of power to find out about the power outage. they listed two separate areas where the power had gone out: the 1st area, only blocks away from our house, was related to a power lines failure. the reason for the outage in our area, however, remained unknown. my mom had her own explanation: "he has supernatural powers," she said, "and he's not supposed to show them to anyone."

David Blaine

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