Sunday, May 13, 2007

the air is on fire

while in paris last week, i was lucky to happen upon an exhibition of david lynch's work at the fondation cartier pour l'art contemporain near the raspail metro stop.

the exhibit, designed by lynch himself, combines a large array of his work, including photographs, paintings, and a collection of drawings taken out of his personal journals. the drawings are on matchbooks, napkins, and scraps of paper saved from years of travel and film sets. his paintings usually encompass mixed media and have a common character, like 'bob', present throughout. there was also a presentation of a series called "Distorted Nudes", which consisted of modified digital images of old erotic photographs from the late 19th century. a miniature theater was set up in the space that played some of his short films off of the 'Dumbland' DVD. also, there was this really creepy sound environment design playing in all of the rooms, which apparently you can now buy the soundtrack for.

a photograph from a nudes series:

"suddenly my house became a tree of sores":

anyway, if you're in paris you should check it out. or look at the website: Fondation Cartier

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