Saturday, April 18, 2009

packed saturday

despite an early start this morning (7:30 am!) for a brief business-like sojourn into long island, i managed to have a very pleasant day. after awaking on the train already in penn station, a miraculously mild afternoon was waiting for me here in williamsburg. i read the newspaper on a grassy knoll at grand ferry park, browsed the a.p.c. surplus store, visited the girls at spacecraft and unloaded some items for their clothing swap. then i met up with my friends luke & sean for some late afternoon margaritas and guaco locos. we then popped in to a bunch of shops including whisk, about glamour, and sprout, where i bought a new plant called a creeping charlie.

now i'm preparing for my first stay-at-home night this week, falling into the cushions of my couch and counting down the minutes til hbo's grey gardens.

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