Thursday, April 2, 2009

blue hill @ stone barns

almost precisely a year ago, i visited blue hill @ stone barns in pocantico hills, new york. i recounted my experience and the delicious food i ate on this very blog. reading that post reminded me of an exciting moment that i had all together forgotten about and has just made me unbelievably giddy: at the end of the night, chef dan barber himself came out to say hello to our table!!

the restaurant has been on my mind a lot lately after reading this article in saveur. in my previous post, i imagined interning at the farm and kiddingly dismissed the prospect, maybe with my nose turned up at the thought of getting my hands dirty or with my head down at the possibility that i would be too inexperienced for such work. either way, i'm thinking about it again, but this time more seriously. i would absolutely love to get to spend some time on that farm this summer!

read more about blue hill and why it's the most important restaurant in america. also, find out more about the stone barns center for agriculture and watch dan barber give an adorable, woody allen-like ted talk on foie gras:


from the internship position descriptions:

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