Tuesday, April 14, 2009

supper clubs

have been very interested in the prospect of supper clubs, lately. recent research has yielded some savvy brooklyn incarnations on this theme, which wikipedia describes as an american establishment usually located on the edge of town, which serves as a "destination" that patrons could spend an entire evening at.

in my neighborhood, there's a residential loft-based group called the whisk & ladle. check out their website and scope their fantastic sounding menus. they serve up prix-fix 5-course meals with wine pairings, preceded by curious-sounding cocktail hours.

i would love to go in on this sort of venture in a recession-themed way, keeping the food creative and its costs as low as as well as providing some sort of entertainment factor... dinner theater maybe? a projected post-meal movie?

i'd love to know about more established supper clubs. if anyone has the word, please pass it on...

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