Thursday, April 23, 2009

busy week

found on sally jane

i've been busy as a bee this week, trying to squeeze in hours of work here and there before rent is due.

before i proceed positively, let me just complain for one brief second: LOST sucked last night.

now, some nice thoughts:

+in it's place, watched planet earth again to the tune of explosions in the sky. it was revelatory. i adore their music. the episode we watched was "great plains". we were worried that we wouldn't learn much without the narration, but that was not the case. i'm actually pretty sure that i now have a more visceral understanding of the animals stories that were being told. i remember at one point even marveling at the life cycle of plant life as we watched their cool time lapse footage. this episode was magical. it featured these cool bird formations that occur during migration, plus this really tense and dramatic story of these vicious geese-like birds trying to protect their eggs and baby chicks from this snarky shiba inu-like fox that appeared to be hunting out of malice until you saw her little herd of hungry and adorable pups. i really didn't know who to root for. it got even more difficult as they began to juxtapose images of the two families. not to mention, this was the episode with the infamous elephant attack, where the crew set up infrared lights (which are invisible to the eye) and drove through the african night until they happened upon one of the largest tribes of lions. i nearly freaked out when they had a close-up of a giant mufasa roaring at the camera. these mean cats then end up bringing down an elephant and eating him alive. it was like gang wars.

+planning a picnic for this weekend. possibly here. and i may even make this for it. psyched.

+i know it's only thursday but:

+possibly going to try to make it to this at the tribeca film festival drive-in tomorrow night

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