Monday, April 27, 2009

let's pretend its summer, baby

image via the cherry blossom girl, of course!

It's bright and early (and hot!) on this Monday morning. I'm all dressed in my tennis whites, ready to walk over the bridge for a lesson in East River Park. After that, off to a long-awaited rehearsal for my beloved Eurydice project in a neighborhood studio. Then, only a few hours to rest before my first New York City baseball game! I've been to plenty of West Coast Dodgers games with my older brother, but this will be my first Mets game and at the new Citifield to boot. I'm going to sing the baseball song, eat burgers, play in the batting cages... Even if it's not summer yet, I am for sure pretending it is!

Pictures from a successful Saturday picnic that left us all emanating heat for the duration of the day:

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