Monday, April 13, 2009

these are a few of my favorite things...

jess put me on to a fun little event happening over in the subterranean den at bushwick's northeast kingdom: a 10pm screening of two episodes of twin peaks! those of you who know me will remember that i love love love this show. i own the entire series and once spent an entire winter watching back-to-back episodes of this creepy show. so, i know where i'll be this monday evening. i mean, how can i resist? they're also offering free donuts. woops. i forgot to tell you that part. and those of you who know me should know how much i love love love doughnuts.

the den at northeast kingdom


17 beats. said...

the owls are not what they seem!


I really love the way you experience the world and how you make it wonderfull for all of we "arround".
Thank you very much for your posts.