Monday, October 5, 2009

Tailbone worthy

Did some lovely things things this weekend.

+Saw The Invention of Lying
+Lost $1,700 in Monopoly (sheer case of bad luck; I landed in jail 3 times in the first 10 minutes, couldn't pass GO to collect my moneys)
+Made what is and will always be my best pie creation ever, Concord Grape Pie (was too lazy to take a better picture)

+Saw an awesome play called Our Farm, a kind of adaptation of Animal Farm
+Rode my bike to Red Hook to meet up with Fanny
We had lunch, goodies from baked, and a mini key lime pie.

+Went to saipua for the first time (sorry Jess! I just happened to be in the neighborhood, I couldn't resist!)
The store is lovely and one of the owners whom we met, Eric, was very kind as he tended to me and my eager friend. He gave us a great deal on our little arrangements. As it gets colder, I'm going to ride the B61 down there just for the flowers!
+All in all, rode about 15 miles today on my bike. My tailbone is aching and my legs are like jello. This reminds me of when I tried to eat an imaginary potato chip on the couch last night as I was falling asleep, hunger pains dominating my stomach. I woke up as my mouth was unwittingly taking a bite of thin air. Don't know why I'm reminded of that. Maybe it's my brain that's like jello. Later I rode around to Prospect Heights and then Park Slope then home. Saw friends everywhere. It was nice. I'm sleepy.

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Anonymous said...

'Twas wonderful biking with you, lady! "Picking flowers for your own bouquet is the same fun feeling as getting a manicure". I'll definitely be going back to Saipua. Jess, come too!