Saturday, October 17, 2009

California Weather

I woke up this morning in Brooklyn and now I find myself in California, sitting in my parent's backyard and playing with our adorable dog, Sashi. After being unexpectedly bombarded with blistering cold weather on the East Coast, now I'm being treated to blissfully warm weather in L.A. Actually, it's not warm--it's hot. I'm wearing a dress with sleeves and I'm miserable. Thankfully, I've packed a pair of shorts and a beloved stack of late summer clothing that I've already had to put away in New York. I'm here for a brief family-filled visit. I'm expecting a few days of shopping, eating, and lounging, before returning to New York for a maddening week jam-packed with work, auditions, and whirlwind rehearsals for a quick production next Saturday night. But, more on that later. For now--sun, sleep, dogs, toddlers, little brothers, etc. Already had some delicious Cali tacos, shrimp and then tilapia!

P.S. I also have a trip to Lucques planned, which I've been dying to go to since falling head over heels in love with Suzanne Goin's cook book.

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