Monday, October 5, 2009


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Dear Friends and Readers,

I am looking for a part-time job. And I'm desperate. Desperate enough to reach out to people I may not know, but whom I like already for reading my blog.

Craigslist has been playing games with my heart for too long now. I spend late nights and long hours typing up involved e-mails in response to ads I see, then my heart leaps a little when I see a response pop up on my phone, only to be destroyed by another scam artist who can't meet me in person, but will wire me money if I give them my address in order to receive and send packages for them (nothing illegal, of course.)

The odd jobs I have been relying on have fallen through. I was really excited to work with this awesome Brooklyn former chef/restaurant owner, spent a great day with him, thought we would proceed, and then he never got back to me. Went into his restaurant for an interview with two managers who promised to call me in for training, and never did. My most recent boss, whom I have been assisting for a year and a half and get along very well with, has quit her job and, in doing so, has taken over my position unintentionally.

Now I have to resort to taking every catering job that comes my way and, even worse, calling the office to beg for more work even though I don't want it (but I need it.) Like tomorrow, I have to be at work at 5:30 am. Meaning I have to wake up at 4:30 am. Meaning I have to be in bed by, well, now. I wanted to reject the job so terribly, but have little paying work trickling in.

So, I'm attacking the internet, hoping it will work out in my favor. Does anyone have any job suggestions or leads? I am a very capable, intuitive, sharp, stylish, resourceful, and intelligent young lady. I would like to work as an assistant. I have experience as a personal assistant, a casting assistant, a production assistant, an editorial assistant. You catch my drift. I would also gladly work as a server or bartender. Anything part-time. I'm flexible.

If you have any ideas, shoot me an e-mail:

And once I get a new job and no longer spend my time at home scouring craigslist for money-making opportunities, I may just surprise all of you with a little treat I've been wanting to post here but haven't had the time to. Maybe something like...a cooking show?

With love and sleepy thanks,

P.S. At my catering job this afternoon, I had the following interaction.

Me: Hey, I think that's Justice Clarence Thomas, from the Supreme Court.
Colleague: What's that?
Me: The Supreme Court? It's like the highest court in America!
Colleague: Oh. Is that a T.V. show?


Jen C. said...

Good luck, Marina! I'll keep an ear out.

Mega Tamago said...

Wait... somebody doesn't know what the Supreme Court is?