Thursday, July 2, 2009

Good Tuesday

explosions in the sky @ summerstage 6/30/09 via flickr

Since work has been slow this week, and by slow I mean virtually non-existent, I've been cornered into choosing to take an unpaid vacation week. And it's alright by me. I've done fun things like get my nails painted perky purple, go to the beach, make late night pasta, and see a Explosions in the Sky play in central park (photo above)!

I got to shop around for myself, a friend's upcoming birthday, and a super duper special 5th of July. I also got to go to the Russian Baths, eat Vietnamese bahn mi (twice!), and ride my bike.

Tomorrow, I get to return to Freemans after a long separation for said friend's birthday feast, then I have a weekend full of celebratory events that I'm sure will include eating and bike rides.

Not bad, huh?

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