Monday, July 20, 2009

Born Round

Yesterday, the New York Times Sunday Magazine featured an article by the paper's premier restaurant critic, Frank Bruni, adapted from his forthcoming memoir "Born Round". While the book tells of his larger relationship with food and the path it led him down, this article is a narrower account of the role food played in his childhood. He tells of his interminable struggle with a voracious appetite and the effects it quickly had on his body and later, his psyche. I found the article to be relatable, brutally honest, and at times very funny. A humorous taste:
They joked that my initials, F.B., stood for Fat Boy. Mom told me to ignore it, but there were moments when she herself reminded me that I was larger than I should be. Frustrated by my failure to fend off an older girl at school who regularly taunted and shoved me until I gave her my lunch money, Mom said, “Next time, why don’t you just sit on her?” Mom had never seen her but made the safe assumption that I outweighed her.

A good read for anyone who loves eating, has ever struggled with their weight, or just loves reading about food.

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