Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Caught a lovely performance by Wilco last night at KeySpan park in Coney Island, which served as an additional attraction. There are few things better than a warm, summer night concert under open skies next to the open sea. We breezed into the concert as if it were so easy, no crowds to push through, and Wilco was ruling the stage as if they were in the most epic concert film. They kept pulling out magical music tricks out of their bags: the drummer stood atop his set at one point, awash in sweat and awesome looking, the band closed the show and then returned for two EPIC encores, thus doubling the length of the show, and they brought out the finest of guests to accompany them on a few songs: Leslie Feist, Yo La Tengo, and Brooklyn's own Ed Droste from Grizzly Bear.

Aside from an awesome guitar battle, my favorite part of the show was watching Jeff Tweedy and Leslie Feist share a duet. If I can find the live version, I'll post it soon. But for now: You and I - Wilco feat. Feist

P.S. Afterwards, we got a funnel cake and a lemonade!

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