Tuesday, July 7, 2009

csa round-up, pt. 2

I picked up my CSA share for the second time last night. Just as fun as the first time, and the veggies are lovely as ever. Chloe and I also sat down for some white wine and a farm plate, which was prepared for us using fresh and grilled vegetables alongside a tarragon aioli. It was incredible.

On to my veggies! I received:
-1 head of romaine
-20 Fava beans
-1 lb. Sweet peas
-3 Green zuccini
-1 bunch Pink radishes
-1 bunch Epazote
-1 bunch Papalo (spicy, cilantro-like lettuce)
-1 bunch Carrots
-1 bunch Beets
-1 Leek
-3 Onions – red, white & Spanish

Later than evening, after trimming and properly storing my food, I put together a small dinner for Chloe & I based off of a recipe for Spicy Lettuce Wraps I caught on the CSA blog.

I used red bell pepper, garlic, white onion, and ginger in my saute, then I lightly seasoned some ground beef and added it to the skillet. Then I mixed in some coriander, cayenne pepper, dried basil, paprika, and a touch of soy sauce. We topped off our wraps with sriracha and hoisin sauce.

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