Saturday, July 18, 2009


"You--she thought--whoever you are, whom I have always loved and never found, you whom I expected to see at the end of the rails beyond the horizon, you whose presence I had always felt in the streets of the city and whose world I had wanted to build, it is my love for you that had kept me moving, my love and my hope to reach you and my wish to be worthy of you on the day that I would stand before you face to face. Now I know that I shall never find you--that it is not to be reached or lived--but what is left of my life is still yours, and I will go on in your name, even though it is a name I'll never learn, I will go on serving you, even though I'm never to win, I will go on, to be worthy of you on the day when I have met you, even though I won't..."

- Dagny in Atlas Shrugged

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Beautiful picture and quote