Monday, May 4, 2009

weekend mementos

Kicked off another busy week today, even more hectic than the last. I'm rigidly splitting all my hours this week between catering, assisting, rehearsing, and auditioning. Just what I bargained for. If only it wasn't raining!

Anyway, here's a quick pictorial re-cap of my lovely weekend's purchases! (They're also my last, since I just paid my rent and...aaaaaah, why do I buy so many flowers and dresses??)

On Friday, during my ramparade in USQ, if you will, I picked up a few well-priced bundles of branches that I've been desiring for some time.

Flowers in my bedroom:

A close up:

Flowers on the dining room table (with a sneak peek of my recently acquired Etsy wooden frames):

Then, on Saturday, I received word of an enormous, once-a-year Some Odd Rubies (an obsession of mine) warehouse/sample/doesn't-matter-what-it's-a-huge SALE! I had some cash set aside and eagerly went to spend it all. I won't share everything I got, because what's the fun in that? But here's a sampling:

An adorable, short red velvet dress:

An awesome ESPRIT early-90s beach tote (actually from a nearby fave vintage store...I kept shopping after. Yikes!):

A beautiful Italian vase and a matching Japanese (maybe?) dish from Severely Vintage, who share the showroom and participated in the blowout.

That's all for tonight, folks!

P.S. Guess what tomorrow is?!?!?!

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