Thursday, May 28, 2009

trip recap

I'm ba-ack! Well, kind of. I've returned to New York, but haven't been able to post because I have been on my feet for the majority of the past 48 hours trying to catch up to speed with life here. It doesn't help that my computer is locked up at the repair shop and I have to use my time with borrowed computers or internet dens wisely.

I had a very eventful Memorial Day weekend. We flew in and out at the crack of dawn, however, leaving me in a tired haze for most of Friday and Tuesday. Otherwise, everything was just great. No family drama to speak of, no car accidents, no disappointments. Since I don't have the luxury of time on my side, I will give a brief account of my trip in list form:

+Brunch at BLD
+opening party at Intelligentsia Cafe in Venice
+beer and bar food with high school friends in Santa Monica
+SoCal tacos at Sky's
+semi-hike at Griffith Park (sat on big rocks & analyzed Disney movies mostly)
+late afternoon drinks in the hills above Studio City
+sunset drive along Mulholland with a stop at a nice overlook
+Fairfax Flea Market (found an Afghani rug for my forthcoming bench!)
+great seats at the Dodgers versus Angels game
+dog park in San Gabriel with the family
+big Chinese dinner at Hop Li downtown
+fun video games and funnier board games
+early afternoon semi-congested drive down PCH
+bike riding on the Santa Monica and Venice beach boardwalks
+big Memorial Day BBQ

Everything in between consisted of family, more family, playing with our dog, sleep, more eating, and mostly driving.

If I can get my hands on our very few pictures, I'll post them.

In other news, B & I have started adventure funds in the form of mason jars so that we can venture somewhere fun soon.!!

Bear with me while I am computer-less. I will be back full force soon.

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