Sunday, June 10, 2007

prazske quadriennale

the prague quadrennial is supposedly the most important international theater event--i was reminded of this over and over again by my theater teacher while i was in prague. unfortunately, i left the czech republic a month too soon. starting this week, from june 14th through the 24th, theater artists, designers, and scenographers will flood the city to exhibit some of the innovative concepts they have been working on. there will be lots of performances throughout the city streets--anne bogart and the siti company will be performing at the archa theater. blahblahblah i'm not in prague anymore, however if you're interested in theater you should check out the program and look into some of the design competitions.

this photo appeared in the new york times article about the quadrennial. the photo below appeared in the article. it is of an austrian set design for "west side story" that is being presented at the quadrennial.

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