Sunday, June 10, 2007

the final whack

boo hoo. the sopranos finally ends tonight. ny magazine's vulture has tons of articles with predictions on whats going to happen. in all honesty, i don't think tony is going to get killed...that would be too much of a depressing note to end television's most incredible dramatic series on.

anyway, i'm psyched. not too psyched though, because ever since chris got killed off a few episodes ago, my love for the show died a litle. i'm way too attached to this show, i can't believe i'm this excited for the finale. i even bought a bottle of chianti for the evening. i still have to finish 1 1/2 more episodes before 9pm. i've been attached to this show for about a year and a half now, since the first season was put on hbo on demand and i was doing research for a monologue i was doing from "goodfellas". i was also an extra last summer, you can see me and my boyfriend up close and personal sitting behind to soprano family in the episode "stage 5" at the cleaver premiere.

check out this article from the new york times about the final whack. and watch the finale at 9m tonight!

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