Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Keep on the Beach

Yesterday, on the sunniest day of the duration of my California trip, I got to spend my time running around on secluded beach in Malibu with some awesome girls and boy. A friend of mine, whom I had shot a film with a few years ago, asked me to participate in a commercial web spot she's directing for SoCal shoe company Keep Shoes.

So, Tati and her boyfriend, photographer Dave Potes picked me up in a car full of rad girls and drove us out to the coast. We each put on a pair of Keeps (these were mine!) and we climbed down rocky cliffs, jumped over rocks, raced in the sand, and laughed a whole lot.

We also poked at sea anemones (eek!), gazed at starfish, and avoided knocking into any of the ubiquitous mussel colonies. Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera for this leg of the trip, but the Snail and the Cyclops just posted photos from her seaside trip in Monterey Bay that are replicas of what I saw, so I'll post hers instead!

The most breathtaking part of the day came while we were standing idly in between takes facing the water. I had been noticing the profuse amount of seaweed in the waves for the entire day. All of a sudden, I saw a fin break through the surface about 15 feet away from the shore and I screamed "SHARK!" Seconds later, I saw another fin pop up and then said, "Or... DOLPHINS!" And surely enough, with our eyes glued to the water's surface, we watched a pod of dolphins swim merely feet away from us down the coastline. It was like witnessing nature's miracle. Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures. I was too stunned, we all were. And if you're a reader here, you know how I feel about dolphins.

All in all, a great day. I'll keep you posted about the spot when it's completed.

P.S. On our ascent through rocky cliffs back up to the car, we heard a rustling in the sage bushes beside us and saw a little bunny rabbit!

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