Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Not-So-Shameless Plug

The comedy rap group Snakes, brainchild of funny people Billy & Adam (1/2 of which is my oft-discussed here boyfriend), released their first album today. It dropped. On a Tuesday, too, like records are supposed to. It's an EP prefacing a full-length album that will be released sometime next year. They've been writing and recording music together for less than a year, which you will be surprised to know when you hear the record. It is overwhelmingly funny, energetic, catchy and precise in it's use of the hip hop discipline. It will leave you laughing and wanting more, I promise (I was disappointed it ended at 23 minutes.) Download it for free on their website, billyandadam.com. They're also having a record release blowout this Friday: an 8pm show at UCB and an after-party to follow. SNAKES SNAKES SNAKES SNAKES!

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