Monday, August 31, 2009


I like this photo Jen took yesterday afternoon as we left my apartment after a few leisurely hours that included white wine sangria and pizza to head to the Grizzly Bear concert, which we ended up missing.

In it, we're all engrossed in the game of "Get the Pencil in the Hole." Exactly a week ago, this spot served as the grounds for the bike relay race that ensued after my birthday party.

The pizza I tried out yesterday was near-perfect. I did a Margherita with pancetta, and an adaptation of smitten kitchen's grilled eggplant and olive pie. I even made a second pie of the latter recipe for lunch today!


JC said...

Those pizzas look heavenly! My most recent foray into pizza-making was, um, kind of disastrous, so I'm waiting to get up the nerve to try again.

marina said...

Thank you! I cheated on these, too..used TJ's dough because it was a last minute decision to make them!