Monday, August 17, 2009

Lobster Sunday

I was very busy relaxing and enjoying myself this past weekend, too busy to post here in fact.

Here are a few pictures from my brief Sunday getaway to the Hamptons. I sat on the beach, tried to read a newspaper (not beach-worthy), swam in the ocean a few times, played Kadima, shopped at a farmer's market, bought shellfish at a roadside shack and watched live lobsters get gutted by an all-too eager fishmongstress, laid in a hammock, had a late dinner surn'n'turf BBQ that yielded my first ever lobster (it was delicious!), drank quite a bit, and fell asleep in front of the couch as soon as Planet Earth started. Then I had the best sleep I've had in awhile, in a dark and quiet room with crisp white sheets. Then I was woken up by the morning sun and chirping birds, had a half-cup of coffee (my first in 10 days!), took a bike ride, collected some seashells, and took a train back home.

Shucking sweet corn

Preparing the corn for the grill

Eric's Italian-style Mussels and Clams

E and the lobster

Surf N Turf!

My first ever lobster!

Morning coffee

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