Monday, August 31, 2009


Another CSA round today. I had to re-organize my fridge to make everything fit. I also had a bunch of left-overs from last time to sort through. After two shares full of potatoes, my fridge is overwhelmed. I had to put a cardboard box on my bottom shelf to hold all of my potatoes. I counted 16! I mix of red, white, and russet potatoes. Thanks to a hint from mystic domestica, I'm going to put a good portion of these to use in a potato corn chowder. Maybe I'll look into potato salad? Or have baked potato night! Mmm, yes!

The most absurd part of my share was the quantity of jalapenos we received. I usually have half a jalapeno lying in a ziploc in my fridge, since I nearly never find use for a whole one. Our share for the day included 16 jalapenos. Can you believe that? It was the first thing I noticed when I got to bridget, before I could even sign in. What am I going to do with all those jalapenos? Well, I'm already thinking of a jalapeno butter with corn that I tasted at Diner. I'm also thinking of pickling them, but that doesn't thrill me. La Superior serves jalapeno rellenos that I love--I'm wondering if I can try those. Ideas? I also need something new to do with my batch of beets. I'm beet pesto-ed out.

Maybe I'll have another taco night and make this esquites recipe from New York mag. I do have a new batch of epazote.


JC said...

Gosh, what do you do with that many jalapenos... breaded jalapeno poppers, maybe? Or! You could make your own hot sauce!

marina said...

definitely poppers...but, i really like the idea of hot sauce!