Saturday, March 28, 2009

wisdom teeth

i got my wisdom teeth taken out yesterday. meaning i am now 50% less wise and have chubby checker cheeks. this is what i look like:

i was very well taken care of, though. yesterday, i ate three chocolate puddings. i was just given a large tv, so the my living room sofa was pulled out for me and i have been camped out in the living room for the past 24 hours. i rented 5 dvds in advance and have already made my way through 3 of them. now i'm catching up on my hbo on demand, flipping through magazines i've saved for this weekend, and gathering recipes for an upcoming feast. life is good. it would be even better if i were capable of reading every book on my bookshelf today.

meanwhile, i've been having a lot of fun with this website. you should check it every day.

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