Tuesday, March 31, 2009


there is nothing not to like about last year's happy-go-lucky, mike leigh's light-hearted and optimistic latest film. the story follows an urbanite 30-year-old schoolteacher whose good humor seems to never slip from her as she tackles everyday difficulties (a stubborn sister, an abused student, a possibly sociopathic driving instructor) head-on. poppy, played by the unbelievably charming sally hawkins, is just the right amount of cute and lovable. when a situation extends past joking-level, she registers and smoothly attempts to steer everyone away from a dramatic car wreck. she wears rose-tinted glasses constantly, in a way i only wish i could, never letting a bad mood or a sad moment get the best of her. she is witty, funny, and mostly effervescent, as a few critics have pointedly described her. at the end of his review of the film, david edelstein wrote, "I’d like to think Poppy will never go away, that we all can cultivate our inner Poppys." i like that.

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