Sunday, March 29, 2009

wisdom from my departed teeth

the only benefit of getting my wisdom teeth extracted so far has been the quality time i've managed to spend in front of my newly acquired working television, catching up on missed films of the past few months. i enjoyed watching both of them very much and recommend them for different reasons.

rachel getting married is a seamless and harmonious family drama that is the product of a very inventive collective. the film really drives home to those of us who were raised in passionate, crazy families, and also serves as an inspiration to those of us who aspire to create work out of a collaborative effort. i felt very tense watching the film, as if i was tapping my foot the entire time, and found myself trying to look away and drawn to the screen at the same time. the story was very well told, the music and style of the filmmaking was fresh and enjoyable, and the characters--who were marvelously unlikable, were all the more better to watch.

the wackness is an authentic and simple coming-of-age story that effortlessly conveys the sweet feeling of summer in the city and the stoned sedation of its main characters. laced with beautiful images and a serious soundtrack, the film also features great performances (especially by ben kingsley) and a story that is told calmly, with the drama always falling into place, but never hitting its audience too heavily.

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