Monday, March 2, 2009

stealing beauty

i re-watched stealing beauty last night, starring liv tyler as a curious 19-year-old spending the summer in tuscany with a group of bohemian family friends. the setting of the film--a tuscan villa engulfed in olive trees, is magnificent, as is liv's super 90s wardrobe of floral skirts and babydoll dresses.

i was reminded of how i used to adore this song while watching the film: portishead - glory box

also, check out the following clip. it's from a random dance scene that occurs at a climactic party towards the end of the film. this choreography erupts unexpectedly--it reminds me of twyla tharp's choreography for the opening number in the film version of hair.

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sarah said...

so much of what you are posting has been in my sariuniverse lately!

i watched this again a few weeks ago, so beautiful, and bizarre, and frightening. i still haven't really wrapped my head around that dance sequence..