Monday, March 16, 2009

how could you be so dr. evil

maybe i've developed a little crush on kanye (or as someone at work called him yesterday "kayan") after listening to his latest album a little too often (how could you be so heartless--still stuck in my head and seeing him look like a dashing dan at an event i worked last night, but somehow this led to me reading his blog. yes, kanye blogs. just like diddy and shaq twitter.

kanye put me on to some cool things:

+i love weird, dance-y, dark music videos. bat for lashes does it:

Daniel - Bat For Lashes

+a cover of "heartless" by the fray

+i really like kid cudi. kanye posted a song i hadn't heard called switchin lanes. (also check out this song,the sky might fall)

1 comment:

sarah said...

you just made my life with this post (i have tumbled all of these things at one point or another, hehe)

that bat for lashes vid is out of hand.
do you have either of the cudi mixtapes? they are so good you might cry.

my eyes are burning from spending an hour on your blog...