Wednesday, January 7, 2009

little chefs

my favorite new thing: little chefs. literally little chefs. probably 3-4 feet tall, 4-5 years old.

just as i was about to proceed with this post about a 4-year-old sous chef i read about in the new york times sunday magazine, i stumbled upon this video featuring a 5-year-old with his own cooking show! so, the little chef first:

meet portland, oregon native julian kreusser, who has his own cooking show, "the big kitchen with food" on portland cable access tv. this kid is a pleasure to watch and he really knows what he's talking about. i like how he occasionally looks off camera for some silent guidance, and i also like the humming he does at around 3:02 to bide the time as he "whisks [the mixture] with a whisk".

now meet 4-year-old dexter, son new york times staffer pete wells, who writes about him in an essay entitled orange genius.
Most nights, before the nuclear generator runs down and he shuts his eyes, Dexter and I argue about food. Lately he’s been on a cookie jag, and the arguments are not about whether he can have cookies before bedtime. They are about whether he can have cookies before bedtime if he preheats the oven and begins mixing the dough at 8:15. The answer to that one, and I try to stick to it, is no. Oh, but what about making the dough now and baking in the morning? And if I say no to that too: What about starting the dough now, finishing it in the morning and then baking the cookies tomorrow night?

isn't that incredibly sweet? click on the article to learn more about dexter's love of cooking.

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