Tuesday, January 20, 2009

let's get back on the island

now that the inauguration is over, let's get real: LOST premieres tomorrow night with a bombastic 2 hour special.

since the end of october/early november, i have been eagerly plowing through the show's past four seasons in order to catch up to this day. so, let's go!

*catch up will all of the LOST episodes on ABC's website
*a new york times article on the show and it's script coordinator
*a new york magazine q&a with michael emerson or benjamin linus (or henry gale?) of LOST
*another new york times article entitled "philosophy, mystery, anarchy: all is 'LOST'"
*attend a LOST premiere party at a Brooklyn bar
*listen to the band PREVIOUSLY ON LOST, known for composing a song per episode

1 comment:

abi said...

yeah! yeah! my friend adam schatz is creator of previously on lost