Sunday, June 6, 2010


I watched Surfwise last night, an awesome documentary about the Paskowitz family, led by Dorian (Doc) & Juliette, who raised their 9 children (8 boys and a girl) in a 24-foot camper that they drove around the country through the children's formative years. Doc espoused a holistic lifestyle, keeping the family on a strict sugar-and-fat-free diet, instructing them to surf daily, and refraining them from entering into the public school system. The film is inspiring and heartwarming. It makes you yearn for the hippie-ish atmosphere of the west coast and makes you itch to learn how to surf. It also invokes in you a sense of liberating autonomy regarding child-rearing, reminding you of a more animistc approach to raising children, far and away from what has become to be considered normal. It made me want to have a nine little puppies of my own. Just kidding. But, maybe...

The children are also gorgeous--Doc is Jewish and Juliette is half-Mexican, half-Native American, so you can imagine what a stunning tribe they made.

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