Saturday, November 28, 2009


Happy Thanksgiving! I've been away from the computer for three magically rewarding days now, so please excuse my belated post. I spent the holiday in a lovely, relaxing house with my boyfriend's family in Long Island. We had the delicious old-standbys (sausage stuffing!), coupled with some first-time treats (sweet potatoes with marshmallows? a pumpkin eater/bailey's cocktail!), plus leftovers, sleepovers, and lots of rest. Despite the stubborn three pounds I gained over the course of the meals, I remain contented. Since my post was late, here's a round-up of some sweet Thanksgiv* posts:

Fear of Missing Out, follow my bliss, my favorite color is shiny, last night's dinner

Here's another treat, a picture my mom sent me of the family dog, looking pristine:

* the other night, we watched National Lampoon's Family Vacation over at my household, and I nearly died when Chevy Chase referred to the Mississippi River as the "mighty Mississipp". Best abbreviation ever.

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