Monday, November 16, 2009

I Do It For Your Love

photo via flickr

As of late, I have fallen in a deep and contented love with Paul Simon. It was blissful up until I saw him on TV last night. He is weathered. I am trying to erase that memory. I sometimes think I could listen to him endlessly. Yesterday afternoon, I rode my bike around Williamsburg aimlessly with my monster headphones on serenading me with Simon songs. It was as close to heaven as a lonely afternoon could get.

Take a minute to listen to this song, I Do It For Your Love. This track caught me by surprise. At first, I wasn't so taken with it. But, I knew it had grown on me when this one melody was embedded in my memory and I longed to hear it over again. I'm talking about the part that goes: Found a rug in an old junk shop and I brought it home to you. Along the way the colors ran, the orange bled the blue. My heart aches to hear that part. This video doesn't do it justice, but I couldn't find a link to the album recording. Give it a listen.

Also, how simple and sweet is this verse:

The rooms were musty
And the pipes were old
All that winter we shared a cold
Drank all the orange juice
That we could hold
I do it for your love

Oh, and the photo above paired with this song reminded me of this: there's a chance that B and I get to go away to a lake house for one night this weekend. The thought of it makes my blood rush to my heart.

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