Monday, December 15, 2008

i am such a girl

"Today’s illustration was inspired by my childhood dream of becoming a songstress.

Once it became apparent that I didn’t have much of a singing voice, my love of fashion took over and any musical aspirations were quickly placed on the backburner.

As little girls, we dreamed of becoming all sorts of things from princesses to ballerinas to flight attendants. At the time, we wholeheartedly believed that these dreams would one day come true, but then twenty years later, we find ourselves looking back on them with more amusement than regret.

I can’t be the only girl who had already planned out her entire life by age six. Don’t tell me you never dreamed of becoming an astronaut or the President! Or maybe you wanted to become a baker?"

found on the cherry blossom girl. i am such a girl.

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